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Puppy Training

We now offer a highly specialised, revamped version of puppy class here at The Dog Nose. 

After running countless group puppy classes, (the on trend thing to do currently,) I realised that there were several fatal flaws in group puppy classes that I wanted to fix. 

Firstly, in the traditional group classes that are run by most dog training businesses on the Northern Beaches, there are up to 8 puppies in a very small environment, all learning at different paces. It can be an extremely difficult learning environment for a young puppy, and for new owners as well. There's a lot going on and many puppies are far too distracted to learn anything, as are the owners. Many puppies also find that sort of environment overwhelming. As a behavioural trainer, I often end up seeing the fallout from poorly run puppy classes; usually resulting in adult dogs that are petrified of busy environments and other dogs, or adult dogs that just cannot listen in busy environments because as puppies they just learned to be frustrated in those sorts of scenarios. 

Secondly, many puppy training issues are specific to the home environment. For example, some new puppy owners might need help integrating their puppy with the existing family dog, cat, rabbit etc. Other families might have very young children and they need extra help with teaching the puppy not to nip and bite at little ankles! Some owners live in an apartment and need a specific toilet training plan that works for their building. Other owners might live right on a busy road and need extra help teaching their new puppy not to rush out the front door when people are coming in and out. All these things that can't be addressed in a traditional group class, are things that can and will be addressed in The Dog Nose Puppy Bundle. 

What you will get:

  • 3 X 1.5 hour private training sessions at your home. These can be scheduled at times convenient for you and your family. Along with all the basics, these sessions will be tailored to your specific puppy and family requirements. 

  • 1 X 45 minute group class specifically focusing on socialisation with other dogs, and learning appropriate play styles. 

  • You can start as soon as you get your puppy because there won't be any danger of coming into contact with an unvaccinated dog.

  • Ideal for puppies aged 8-16 weeks

  • The group class normally falls on a Saturday morning and is held in Frenchs Forest

  • Puppy Bundle is $500 all inclusive

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