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Private Training Sessions

If you have a pet problem, then I have the solution.  I have extensive experience working with dogs, cats, horses and birds on a wide range of training and behaviour issues. So whether you are just wanting to teach your pet a few new tricks, start your puppy or kitten off on the right paw, or you are struggling with a training or behaviour issue, I can help you.

Fill out the behaviour form below and take the first step to achieving your dream pet!

  • Private sessions are in home, so I come to you (for outdoor issues this may vary depending on the issues we are working on.)

Please email your completed form to

Common dog issues we work with include:

  • Jumping on guests

  • Pulling on leash

  • Barking

  • Reactivity toward other dogs, other people, cars, skateboards, children etc. 

  • Aggression towards other dogs, pets or people

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Recall (Come when called!)

  • Basic obedience

  • Introducing dogs and babies

  • Fears and phobias

  • Thunder and Firework phobia

  • Anxiety

  • Toilet training issues

  • Resource guarding / aggression around food / toys / bed spaces etc.

  • Aggression between resident dogs

  • Husbandry needs - difficulties with grooming, nail trimming, vet work etc. 

Common Cat issues we work with include:

  • Toileting issues (not toileting in the litter tray)

  • Scratching furniture

  • Aggression between resident cats

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Aggression towards owners

  • Excessive vocalising

  • Introducing new pets into the household

  • Husbandry needs - difficulties with grooming, nail trimming, vet work etc. 

Common horse and livestock issues we work with include:

  • Issues with the farrier

  • Float / trailer loading

  • difficulty worming / medicating

  • Issues with the vet

Common parrot and bird issues we work with include:

  • Excessive vocalising

  • Aggression between birds

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Feather plucking

  • Aggression towards owners

  • Introducing new birds to the home

  • Husbandry needs - difficulties with grooming, nail trimming, vet work etc. 

See what our clients have to say...

Freddie and his family were struggling with a host of issues including separation anxiety, fear and reactivity towards strangers, and also resource guarding beds and food from the two young children in the house...

"When resource guarding isn't even a thing anymore...we left him alone for a few hours the other day and came home to find him completely relaxed and asleep.....his fear of strangers is getting better too...thank you from the bottom of my heart..." ~ Bianca, owner of Freddie the Ridgeback.

Colin had developed aggression towards other dogs that lead to him mauling an off lead dog that approached him on a walk. He also lunged and barked at dogs when he saw them, and had attacked a few dogs.

"I had a run in with a woman walking past the dog park this week. Whilst her dog was straining at the leash barking and being aggressive, Colin just stood their quietly, wagging his tail!"  ~ Steph, owner of Colin the Bullmastiff

Bailey had a lot of fear issues. She was terrified of getting in the car, or going anywhere near it. This meant that her owner couldn't drive her anywhere. She was terrified of wind, traffic, and a range of other things that meant that her owner couldn't walk her. Bailey would get 15 metres from the house and drop down, too terrified to move. On top of this, Bailey also had terrible manners around guests and would jump all over them. Her owner's grandchildren would get knocked over and so couldn't come to the house. Check out some of Bailey's videos and see what her owner had to say!

"I had grandkids all week last week, 3 girls, and was so impressed with Bailey's behaviour. She walked with us in the afternoons perfectly and behaved so well around them, no jumping at all!"     ~ Sue, owner of Bailey the Bulldog

Bailey getting over her fears

"A short video of Bailey today, I got so excited! So stoked!" ~ Bailey's owner

"It is so windy down at the dog park but she had a ball!" ~ Bailey's owner

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