Resolve your dog's Separation Anxiety once and for all for just $49!

Are you ready to resolve your dog's separation anxiety?

This course will give you the skills to do just that, so you can enjoy a stress free relationship and lifestyle with your dog.

This course brings you the latest, most up to date science in treating separation anxiety. You will have online support throughout your journey.

And join all of our other happy customers!

  • By the end of the course you should be able to leave your dog home alone for a 4-8 hour period, stress and panic free!

  • The course provides you with a 10 week, step by step training programme,

  • Step by step 'how to' videos

  • Troubleshooting and problem solving skills

  • It's easy to do and training sessions are short (around 5 minutes long), so you can easily fit in training around your schedule

  • Lifetime access to the content

What our customers have to say;

"This course was so easy to follow, and the training games were so easy to teach my dog! I am 8 weeks into the 10 week course and already my dog is comfortable being left alone for over 5 hours! Best $49 I ever spent, thank you so much for this course, it has changed my life!" ~ Kate and her Staffy, Wiggles

"Life changing!!!!! If you are thinking about doing this course, absolutely do it! My Cocker Spaniel developed really bad separation anxiety when we moved house, but now he couldn't care less when we leave, he barely looks up from his comfy spot on the sofa!" ~ Ben and his Spaniel,